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Wednesday, 17 May 2017

10 Best Google Adsense Alternatives Options For The Bloggers 2019.

10 Best Google Adsense Alternative Options For The Bloggers 2019

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Are you looking for some effective AdSense options to earn your blog and help out you to Increase your traffic From Seo Tips and Tricks?
If your traffic is from western countries or has good potential for AdSense to earn a good number of visitors

However, you may be able to get income from some other sources, which can earn you a good amount besides AdSense on your blog.

If your Adsense has been banned or you are in a place not receiving approval by AdSense, then this article will help you with similar and even better-earning streams.
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Why should you see an AdSense option?

If you are wondering why you should look for an AdSense option in the first place, here are some reasons that can help you:

• Your AdSense account has been banned, or you may not have been approved for the AdSense program due to your location.

• If you are looking for monetization, it means that there is more ROI than Adsense: There are really endless ways to monetize your blog which can bring you a better revenue than Adsense. Why should I show you in a minute?

• Your traffic is not responsible for AdSense: Sometimes you are in a place which does not display well in terms of AdSense revenue like blogging, most bloggers know about Adsense in the form of ad networks and therefore Do not click on them.

• Increasing the use of ad blockers: Programs such as AdSense have reduced the ad revenue of ad blockers (for both desktop and mobile users) around the world, such as never before.

Please note: This post is not about the rejection of AdSense as a blog monetization technique. Our goal is to show you better options for earning from your blog, which can be more profitable on investment than Adsense.

If you want to continue with your Adsense, you can definitely use AdSense with these advertising programs to supplement your revenue.

Ready for the best AdSense option?
here is me!
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You can try today that the top 10 Google Adsense option!

For your convenience, I will split this part into two parts:

1.       1.  Adsense Alternative Ad Platforms (Contextual Advertising)

 2. Affiliate Marketing

(This can be very beneficial)


1. Grammarly
2. StudioPress
3. WPEngine
4. Instamojo
5. GetResponse
6. Amazon Associates
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Adsense Alternative Ad Platform:

In this section, we will discuss making money with the AdSense option, which works on the same format of monetization as Adsense (displaying ads).

The programs discussed here have little or no involvement on your side except for initial ad optimization.

Payment of these advertising platforms is more or less similar to Adsense and there is no scope for scaling in terms of revenue.

This is best if you are just beginning and there is no alternative to doing other monetization methods.
If you are looking for an AdSense option that can increase your income multiplied, see the second section.

Media.net is probably the best-paying AdSense option, which gives you the least amount of revenue as an AdSense account Seo Tips and Tricks.

Media.net is a relevant and display ad network that is owned by Yahoo! and Bing Networks
Media.net completely mixes various ad formats with the content of your site, thereby 
increasing click-through rate and revenue.

Used by publishers like Forbes, Cosmopolitan, etc. MediaNet provides relevant ads based on your traffic source (biological search traffic, referral / direct traffic, etc.) which enhances CTR.

The professionals

• One of the top AdSense options with the same ad inventory
• Different ad formats for direct traffic, search traffic, and mobile traffic.
• If your audience is from western countries, the maximum benefit
• The keyword block ad format clearly blends with the content and has a maximum CTR.
• Very strict acceptance policy
• Each site requires different approvals to show ads

Infolinks is another high-converting option for Google Adsense.

Being the 6th largest advertising network in the world, Infolinks offers you different types of ad formats, the most popular in-text ad format.

Infolinks do not require an ad space on your blog and your text block (usually 2-3 word phrases) converts to the link as ads.

When your readers have clicked on them or tried to hover over them, they will get relevant ads, and you will earn.

Other advertising programs include tag ads (which are keyword blocks similar to those of Google Adsense ads), in frames ads (which appear in the spaces in the sidebar) and in search ads (that is, search traffic Is targeted for).

If your blog is not getting a big traffic and you are looking for ways to make money without adsense, then Infolinks is your thing

See my detailed review of Infolinks here.

You can join your referral program to make more money from your blog.

The professionals

• No advertising space required

• Easy approval

• High CTR for in-text ads


• In Your In-Text Ad Format, Your Blog Looks Clumsy And Cheap

• Infolinks do not pay well for third world traffic like Asian countries (but it is in the case of every advertising network).

Bid Dibbetter is a PPC advertising network that gives you bonuses for each conversion that is in addition to your lead and clicks revenues.

If you are looking for an AdSense option that pays better than you, then the bidder should try
With bigger, you have text ads, banner ads, and mobile responsive ad formats, so there is an ad list for all sources of your traffic.

And since it has only one level of money to click to click, it is one of the best AdSense options for low traffic sites.

The professionals

• The bidder works on the bidding system, which means that you can automatically display the highest bidder's ads for your site.

• Bidboxer is a high paying AdSense option because you get extra pay for every conversion (whatever your reader needs to do, signup, purchase, watch the video, etc.)   
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• There are naturally some conspiracies in the bidding system like none of your sites have to choose, if it has a bad metric.

Rajaswat is a very popular Adsense option that works on CPA models rather than CPA models.

With CPA format, you get higher commission rates than normal AdSense impressions.

If your ads have been banned or you want to try to make something stronger in the context of ad management, then it is important to try the revenue switches.

Rajavahites are asked to pay $ 30 per CPM, which is why it is the better AdSense option to earn for high traffic destinations.

Be sure to read the review of My Resolutions which will help you learn more about this ad network.

Better Monetization Methods Than Google AdSense

In this section, we will discuss the AdSense alternatives that have huge opportunities for growth rather than the display ads that we discussed above.

Affiliate marketing is the process of referring your readers/followers to a product/service you think would benefit them and earn a commission from the former without having your readers pay a dime extra.

Here is a detailed guide on how to get started and become successful in affiliate marketing.

Benefits of Affiliate Marketing Seo Tips and Tricks:

•             You don’t have to bug your user experience with ads.

•             You get paid to refer your readers to things you use and love.

•             Readers feel gifted to know about tools/services that help them to grow their business.

•             The commission you get paid is much more than AdSense or any of its alternatives.

•             Affiliate marketing works on autopilot with just a bit of optimization here and there.

•             The beauty is, you can even use them in addition to AdSense and other.

Please Note: Affiliate marketing isn’t a set and forget process like AdSense, but they pay a huge income that AdSense can never have. So it's worth a try.

Let’s head over some of the best affiliate programs you can join and promote to make more money than AdSense.

Grammarly is a very popular grammar and punctuation checker tool that helps users write better English.

It checks for over 250 different punctuation errors among other things.

Moreover, it is available as a browser add-on and works automatically whenever you write (email, social media updates, blog, etc.).

Check out my review of Grammarly for more details.

The best part of promoting Grammarly is, it is a free tool (which means your readers will not hesitate to use it) and it helps in better English writing (which means it is a hot selling tool that has users no matter what your niche is).

Benefits of promoting Grammarly:

•            Hot offer that has a customer base in every niche.
•            The free plan itself is so useful which gives you $0.20 per lead.
•            Grammarly gives you an upfront $25 as soon as you join their affiliate program.
•            Gets you a hefty $20 for every sign up that buys their premium plan.
•            Grammarly has a referral program which enables you a 10% lifetime earning of every sale of               anyone who becomes an affiliate using your link.
•             Minimum payout is $50, so you get paid faster than AdSense.

If your audience is in the blogging or marketing niche you can earn huge commissions of up to $75 per sale by promoting themes by StudioPress.

StudioPress themes are the world’s #1 selling WordPress themes that have good SEO value, are clean and feature-rich.

Read my review to know more or check out this page for popular themes that you can directly promote.

Benefits of Promoting StudioPress Themes:

•            They are the most selling WordPress themes hence you can sell them easily.
•            They have a huge payment option of 33% commission's which is massive since some of their themes are over $100 each (don’t worry people pay $100 easily for a StudioPress theme).

Here is the step-by-step guide for you to get started with StudioPress affiliate program.

This one is a massive commission affiliate product that you can promote as an AdSense alternative.

WPEngine is a great hosting with a huge fan following, and it is definitely one that users like to buy.

WPEngine pays you $200 per sale which in itself is a rare feat. SEO SMO SEO Tips SEO Updates  SEO Ranking

Even if you make only 5 sales a month, you are good to go about $1000 just from this.

Moreover, WPEngine is a 2-tier affiliate program that pays you a part of the income your referrers make as an affiliate.

Benefits of Promoting WPEngine Hosting:

•             It has various models of referrals like free tools, ebooks that you can get your readers to use/download. That, your job is done. WPEngine guys will do their best to convert your free lead into a sale and still attribute $200 as a commission for the referral.

•             It sells the best if you have (or rather write one) a guide on how to start a blog where you show your readers a step-by-step tutorial on how to install WordPress on WPEngine.

AdSense alternative for Indian publishers!

Not having an audience interested in blogging?
Here is another potential AdSense alternative that can give you a good income stream.

Instamojo is an Indian payment platform that helps you sell goods, receive payments for them and all this without setting up a shop or store on your blog.

Instamojo pays you a clean 500 INR for every successful referral which is much more than any successful AdSense CPC.

Check out my Instamojo review to know more.

Benefits of Promoting Instamojo:

•             Instamojo is focused on the Indian market, so it is one of the best AdSense alternatives for Indian bloggers.

•             Payment is fast and quick.

•             Niche-independent.

•        Anyone who has something to sell (books, goods, tickets, you name it) can become your valuable potential referral.

GetResponse is my favorite email marketing service provider amongst all.

It is affordable, feature-rich and does a great job as an autoresponder for blog newsletters.
GetResponse sells like hotcakes, and if you have an audience that is interested in email marketing, you can make a great income from it.

Read my GetResponse review for more details.

Benefits of Promoting GetResponse:

•             It has a generous 33% commission's rate which means you get a whopping $54 if you successfully refer a customer to their highest plan (about $165).

•             They have a cookie tracking period of 6 months which gives you a good time to convert your leads to sales.

•              GetResponse does have so many festive promotional campaigns which can help you boost your signup rates.

If you think your blog is in the common man and affiliate marketing is not your thing, think again.
Amazon Affiliate is a great option for Adsense that often makes better than the latter.
With Amazon partners, you can gain access to millions of Amazon products and then your blog can be promoted on a targeted audience basis.

Below is a screenshot that I have met from one of the major news portal Business Insider, which shows how you can use Amazon partners, regardless of your audience.

                                                    Sign up now!

Best Resource Of Affiliate Marketing on Through Amazon Associates. 

Since you have many things to promote, you can choose relevant and best-selling based on your place.

Like technology goods like smartphones, laptops, PC games, clothing etc. Other product books contain office supplements, kitchenware products from the kitchen and lifestyle products for jewelry.
Benefits of promoting Amazon affiliates:

• You do not have to worry about your niche Amazon fits into any niche working on you.

• Rates of the commission are different depending on the products so that you can choose the best people in the ROI case.

• If done properly, you can easily earn $ 1000 or more with Amazon affiliates.

• Alone from Amazon affiliates, you have a ready Blueprint to earn more than $ 1000.

over to you.

If you are looking for a good AdSense option that can earn you more than your AdSense revenue, then the above products can help you. SEO SMO SEO Tips SEO Updates  SEO Ranking

For people thinking after the AdSense restriction, I would like to say that this is where the real game starts.

Use the option of relevant ads above for Adsense (like MediaNet) or start affiliate marketing, which earns a big profit with your traffic.

If you have any doubts or problems with starting these better monetization strategies than Ace, then tell me in the comments given below.



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