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Friday, 26 May 2017

How To Get a Youtube Channel Approved By Google Adsense

How To Get a Youtube Channel-Approved By Google Adsense

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Do you want to make the most of the money online while loving? If this is yes, you should definitely consider making a YouTube video.
YouTube is one of the most popular websites with more than 8 billion views per day, which is largely by any standard. Many people are already making money by making YouTube videos and some of them can not even think of getting 9-5 jobs regularly. Add to it, YouTube brings fame with it, However, there is no way to know how many people can earn money with YouTube.  Things to know before starting a YouTube channel Policy Terms & Condition. YouTube does not allow monetization for copyrighted content so you can not monetize by uploading movie songs, movie trailers or other copyright videos unless you buy publishing licenses for it. You can upload videos that are specifically marked as copyrighted. However, to avoid any copyright claims in the future, it is always better to create their own videos.

Your video must comply with the YouTube Community Guidelines

Steps to earn money with youtube SEO SMO SEO Tips SEO Updates  SEO Ranking

1. Create YouTube accounts and YouTube channels

It's easy to create YouTube accounts. Just open YouTube and sign in using your Gmail credentials and you will be redirected to your YouTube homepage.

By default, each YouTube account is associated with one channel. However, I recommend setting up a new channel because the main channel uses your Google name which you want to keep separate for Gmail and YouTube.

To create a new channel, just open your YouTube account settings and click Create a new channel and enter the name of your channel and category for that same. Remember to create a channel name that best describes your channel content Once you create your channel, switch to use YouTube as a channel. After this, you can add your channel details, click on the tab and add an email where you want to get professional inquiries.

So now your channel videos are ready to upload SEO SMO SEO Tips SEO Updates  SEO Ranking

2. Make compelling videos

This is the most difficult part. Creating a video that appeals to the public is never easy. And if you want to make big money on YouTube, you should be able to create a video that can go viral and you can get many members.
You can make videos about what you know, as long as it complies with the above YouTube Community Guidelines. For your reference, I have prepared a list of the Top 20 YouTube Video Ideas, which you can find so many viewers on your YouTube channel.
Make sure you shoot high-quality video with a good quality camera because they are known to get more ideas.

3. Get more viewers and subscribers

It is very important. The more viewers you have, the more you can earn. People who subscribe to your channel will ensure the returning audience.

To get more viewers, you should use the appropriate keywords in your video title and description so your video will be displayed when people search for a keyword. You can also promote your videos on social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and What's app. If you have your blog, make sure to write related articles about articles and embed your YouTube videos.
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4. Earn money with YouTube Adsense

In this method, you will allow YouTube to embed the ad into your video. However, in order to earn the revenue generated through this advertisement, you have to link your channel to AdSense. You should follow the exact steps outlined below.

1. Log in to your YouTube account.

2. Select the monetization in the channel settings and then click on "Enable Monetization". If you do not know where it is, use this link.

3. In the following screen, you will be asked to accept the terms and conditions. Only accept and submit.

4. In the top bar, you will now see the following message.

Almost there! Do not Forget To Link Your Adsense Account To Make Money And Make Money For Your Earned Video. SEO SMO SEO Tips SEO Updates  SEO Ranking
5. How To Existing Account Attached With Google Adsense.

You will then be asked to enter the details of your existing AdSense account or create a new one. You can choose whichever is applicable. In case you are creating a new account, you will have to wait for the approval of your AdSense account. Once your account has been approved, you can start earning from your video

6. To enable monetization for the video.

 you can go to your Video Manager tab. You will now see a small "$" sign in front of those videos that are eligible for monetization,



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