How To Make Your WordPress Website Run Faster

How To Make Your WordPress Website Run Faster


Welcome back to another Article my name is Johnsons Ellen from the founder of Seo Blogging Hub Website where I make the article for non techies like me, and I'm going to write something in this article on how you can speed up your wordpress website. now it's going to be a little technical like the concept but implementing it is going to be so easy it's just a few mice clicks now the technical side of it is what powers your wordpress based website is it's on a web hosting account in their specific services on that web hosting account to make it work you have something called my SQL for a day the databases were all your data is stored then you have Apache or something like that that's been acting as your web server there's a couple other options there Apaches very common in there's also something called P. H. P. and in this video I'm going to show you how to change in the PHP version to a current version and when you do this your website it's going to be faster it's going to be a lot snappier when you're in the back end of the site or the front end of the site now this is actually a big deal out there is that one of the goals of wordpress the wordpress dot org the body that is controlling wordpress is they want everyone using PHP seven they won every theme on PHP seven every plugin on PHP seven and I'm going to show you how to upgrade now if you go and get a new web hosting account chances are they're not going to put PHP seven on your web hosting account but most are going to give you the option to choose which PHP version that you're wrong so you might be on version five dot five or five dot six I don't know what happened to PHP six but anyways we're on PHP seven, and we're deep into it now the reason why these a web host aren't putting you on PHP seven is because not everything is compatible with it.

And that is where can get a little dicey so for them to put you on the lower version makes sense because it's gonna reduce support requests and things like that now any modern developed a plugin or theme it's gonna already be compatible most likely with PHP version seven now if you're using some offshoot old plugin from some scare me internet marketer and it was coded in two thousand fourteen there's a good chance that PHP seven's not going to work for you because you're not using plugins and themes developed by reliable developers that are actually still in business so I'm gonna show you how to first test your wordpress based website to see if the code on it will work with PHP seven there's a a tool and then I'm gonna show you how to go into your web hosting account and change the P. H. P. version so there's this plugin we're gonna use and it's actually made by WP engine there one of the more premium web hosts of hosting the cheapest hosting plan with them is thirty dollars per month and I think that's when you pay annually so they're not the the cheapest the web host but they came out this plugin called PHP compatibility checker now here's the thing I I see when I look at this I first looked at the reviews here and there are a couple one star reviews and when I read them some developers of plugins and themes are saying it wasn't detecting that their software was compatible when it is so that is one of the cav yes but let's just go through it together so I'm in the back end of a word press site hear someone go to plug ins at new have never used this I recently updated to PHP seven my site not just on the run and gun type of guy I'm just going to do it and deal with the consequences later that's not necessarily good practice but that's what I do more times than not.
I'm so about what's nice is when we change it to seven we can easily change it back to a lower version of something doesn't work right so I'm gonna go ahead and click on install now and let's run it for the first time and see hopefully it's instantaneous and it works pretty quick so let's see I'm assuming it's gonna be under tools there it is tools PHP compatibility and it we're gonna tested for eversion seven and del it's only scanned for what's active and I'm pretty sure I don't really have anything active so it's just scanned the twenty sixteen thing of course it is let me scan all plugins and themes because I have some other stuff in there and let's see what it says now some people are complaining that there was false positives but then there was a newer version of this plugin that came out maybe two months ago and it was supposed to deal with a lot of those problems okay now while it's running not sure how long it's gonna take because I've never used this before I'm gonna show you how to change your PHP version in your web hosting account actually looks like it's almost done so I'm using in motion hosting and when you read the but this will work with any web host now everywhere else is a little different there's gonna be some web host that don't want to give you the ability to change this I don't know why but there are hosts like that in that case you're going to have to submit a support ticket saying Hey I want to go on PHP version seven but in motion hosting does give you the ability and I have a promotion with emotion they give all my viewers a fifty six percent discount also throw Lincoln down below to that but anyways I'm gonna go ahead and click on cPanel LC panels that standard control panel that most web hosts are using and then I'm gonna scroll down to where it says P. H. P. configuration it's right here and I'm gonna click on that image showing the all the versions that are available to me and the version that I'm using right now so I can put version seven and this is RC. Right here that just means it's a release candidate I would not recommend that so I would use this seven right here or someone to go to version seven dot zero instead of seven dot one. Let's go back and take a look at that plugin to see if it's done. Yeah it's still scanning but it's okay I'm gonna implemented anyway so as you do that and then you just click on update and literally eat now you are on the high your version of PHP and what's gonna happen is your wordpress based websites going to be a lot snappier I've noticed my site is a lot snappier in fact wordpress is gonna require web host to give you PHP seven by default if they want to be listed on wordpress dot work some anyways I don't know if this is going to finish by the end of this video but I do know that sprite taking so long as I have a bunch of teams on there I should have maybe cleared out those themes but you get the point you can run your test now here's the best part about it is because you're using C. panelists on some server of your own you can easily come back here some didn't work right and you can just go down aversion now some of the cabbie outs are if you're running non word pressed non wordpress apps on your hosting account this upgrades the entire hosting accounts you just need to make sure that everything you have is going to be okay on PHP version seven maybe you can do this late on a Friday night when you're gonna have your least amount of traffic perhaps and then test everything make sure it works and then you're good to go but most of the reliable plugins and themes they're all going to be compatible with version seven of PHP chisels real random off shoot plugins or themes that aren't really being supported or actively developed any more so anyways this is one is simple trick that you can do right now to make your wordpress website run faster.

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