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Saturday, 26 May 2018

How to Use the Rich Snippet Tester Tool

How to Use the Rich Snippet Tester Tool


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Let's talk about website schema so warm it's essential it up front pages have scheme a mock-up on them so what I am we using the Google structured data testing tools are gonna show you three sites that I'm there all seven-figure income as businesses so sorry sure yet so natural stacks of just taking this field trip. Age and run it through the tool now. SEO SMO SEO Tips SEO Updates  SEO Ranking Mr things were looking for when we run them. Run sought so pages through the machine one are to make sure that the mockup validates it's got no errors or warnings one is our hair is a problem so there is money that it's not going to show some radiately here okay I can see that they've got review mockup here. But they have no product mockups all right I'd take it yours. More mockups generally better and we won these automated tools to.
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Too bad the market when the page the mock up for these guys will be driven by the have refused to someone who driven by this reviews tool and actually missing the product mocks up so I would say that this review writing probably is not going to appear in this upset that's a massive, massive gap that will be fixed I have no warning, so that's good but it's missing that part mock up so that's an easy win national missing mock ups that would be something we look at fix look to fix on a look at it vitamin KSI again they have no reviews on the page but if I run it through the tool they have part of mock up so still here it's validating a gotten or errors of warnings but yet I've gotten reviews which is funny so I have the product mock up but nerve you mimic ups and I have the opposite problem side again that would be a simple one to fix by adding that the soft touch of a FISA shop will have built in plugin for abuse that's a straightforward one to set next on let's look at what nations are what nation skipping rope five one of these groups fantastic. I am so if I run that through the tools so we actually have a break come up which is good and we have product mockup that has their views and bet it's you can see his aggregate writing. I'm so these guys are being ninety-nine percent sure that these reviews would be showing in the search results because they have not got the validates the have the product mock-up with the review writing attached to it so one yet so simple walk through the tool we want to avoid any errors of warnings now quite often if you have an old the CMS like using B. SEO SMO SEO Tips SEO Updates  SEO Ranking

commerce with the earliest though. Quite often older things will have broken rich snippet mock up a scheme a mock-ups of we wanna get that fix anything that's an error the winning Sequani at six and pretty simple via decent developer for that platform they should be able to fix it quite quickly but the two things are looking for he had no heirs of warnings, and we want to have at least the product mock-up. With the aggregate writing inside that mockup that'll give us the best chance of having their views does appear in the search results would also be nice to have some of the other scheme a mock-up like a local business my coupled the industry-specific markup would also help us as well but yet there's a simple walkthrough of rich snippet tester and just testing that Skinner mock-up.


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