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Tuesday, 16 May 2017

23 Must Read Social Media Articles and Content Possessions

23 Articles Should Read Social Media & Content Possessions


1. Stock and flow

Robin Sloane's great ideas, published again in 2010, are still true to me and my marketing today. Here is the idea of stock and flow in short: SEO SMO SEO Tips SEO Updates  SEO Ranking

• Flow is feed. It posts Posts and Tweets. It's a stream of daily and daily updates that remind people that you exist.
• Stocks are permanent stuff. It's content that produces this interesting in two (or two) months as it is today. It's what people find through search. It's what spreads slowly but surely, building fans with time.

2. White bread versus wheat bread content

We've built this one in our little content strategy into the buffer. Written by Greg Sioti (based on insight from Pamela von Hoopspot), the concept of baking bread / white wheat works this way:
• White bread content is snackable, bite-sized, easy to consume.
• Wheat bread content solves problems, deep diving, and handles issues.

3. Strategies to promote explosive content

Ruby Richards overall page on promotion strategies must be at least one you will find worth trying. Here are my favorite three: Snip.ly, Timing Social Media, LinkedIn Groups.
·        SEO
·        SMO
·        SEO Tips
·        SEO Updates
·        SEO Ranking

·         SEO Solution

4. The quickest way to feedback: Start with a cupcake

Looking for amazing marketing advice and metaphors? The Code of Internal Procedure has it. Cupcake's participation is a wonderful example of a simple idea, clearly explained and done immediately.

5. Explain social media with donuts

Maybe you've seen this image floating around the net before (we used to talk about social media strategies, too). 

For those who are curious about the differences between social media networks, 

this chart set them straight.

6. 9 persuasion classes of 4 years of age

What is one of the biggest reasons someone clicks on Twitter or update? Mystery writing. This listing of Garom Adir in Kobeplugger gives many good ideas for ways to write your next social media update from the right, Persuasive Perspective.

7. A scientific guide for posting Twitter, Facebook posts, emails, and blog posts at the best time

Before joining the log buffer, I had a folder of my favorites buffer all by itself! This post on the timing of social media, written by Bill Beth Cooper, is still one of my favorites. SEO SMO SEO Tips SEO Updates  SEO Ranking

8. Social media strategy in 8 steps

Jay Bear participates in his 8-step plan for a terrible strategy for social media in a position that inspired us to share our strategy in social media as well. Great things in Jay's article!

9. Make your writing work harder for you

I was really grateful to turn this gem into a Patrick McKenzie. It is located in the Mackenzie e-mail archive so it is a bit difficult to find on its own. In 50,000 words, he covers tons of land with how to effectively manage a blog, including some neat ideas on what blogging should really be.

10. Master version of this version to control any social platform

Problem> Move> Solution
Demian Farnworth of KobePlugger goes into more detail on this main method, including ways to spice it up if you plan to use it over and over again (reuse a good idea, by the way). Maybe try this one in your latest blog or update your social media Seo Tips and Tricks SEO SMO SEO Tips SEO Updates  SEO Ranking

11. Take the scientific on viral marketing

How do you create a viral marketing segment? There are no easy answers, but there is little science. This post from Gregory Ciotti on the Blog Scouts help covers the basics.

12. Use neuroscience to design the best code

We love articles and ideas for neuromarketing in the buffer. These design tips by Anquette Oberoi of Kismetrics, backed by neuroscience, can be related not only to design but also to writing, blogging, social sharing, and more.

13. Why marketing content fails

Ridd Fishkin's presentation of Slideshare in Content Marketing includes five great reasons why marketing your content may fail and, in doing so, reveals five reasons why it can succeed as well.

14. "Growth is not Hack:" 7 strategies to develop a loyal audience

This piece of constantly is a great reminder and an overview of ways to build the blog and public social media in a permanent way. SEO SMO SEO Tips SEO Updates  SEO Ranking

15. 9 Content Growth Marketing Hacks to drive traffic and conversions

The menu item above seems a bit in contrast here - the superhero versus no superhero growth. We've found that you do not really need to fall on one side of the discussion or else. Tips for long-term growth are helpful as well as tips for quick gains. The supernatural growth of Garrett Mon, writing in Unbones, is a great place to start with quick wins.

16. How to cut my writing time from 2 days to 2 hours

Dig in the Blog Archive For this one buffer, I've kept returning to these tips from Bill Beth Cooper. Lots of great tips here, including how to dump your good search if you hold you back.

17 - Act creators

This one file is titled "Inspiration". Hyut denim's statement on the average speaks of the 10 essential elements of the creators. The advice is easy to come by me

18. How to create great content that drives traffic

I like that kind of title talking about itself. Create great content that will increase traffic - and if you add, great content creates a great interaction on social networks. This guest post on the Blog Oak Durk of Brian Dean is one epic.

19. How to write eight blog posts a week in a row two companies

The title seems impossible, right? There is great advice in this one of one of the best bloggers in the industry, Neil Patel. His idea of a business is worth the price of the entrance alone.

20. Publish your blog post without SEO and 1000s of visits will be missing.

Vishkin's guest on Problogger's case is very eloquent for the value of doing SEO with your marketing content. Even a little SEO goes a long way. SEO SMO SEO Tips SEO Updates  SEO Ranking

21. Make traffic rain with these 3 advanced SEO tactics

Mr. Scott's script is simple. Provides three unique ways to expand your SEO strategy, and how to do it in such a way that even our beginners can do things and see results.

22. How to grow a new site for more than 100,000 visits in one month Seo Tips and Tricks

SEO Nick offers some great tips on how to move from zero to 100,000 visits on a blog. Your numbers may not be the same as Nick, but you can at least use a scheme to get your blog started with a new explosion. SEO SMO SEO Tips SEO Updates  SEO Ranking

23. 26 Resourceful ways to distribute social media updates

This huge resource from Ali Social Media Tester some awesome ideas on new tests to try with social media posts, including some of my personal favorites photo quotes, staff interviews, questions and thanks.