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Friday, 18 May 2018

Advice on SEO Optimization of Websites

Advice on SEO Optimization of Websites


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As the years go by, the SEO changes and you need to keep up with the times to get results on our websites. For example, 2017 was a year of profound change for the sector. Google's constant search for quality and new technologies that are increasingly gaining ground have forced the insiders to change strategy and to understand the way of doing SEO in a different way.
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Let's take a look at what are the elements to keep an eye on immediately to be able to correctly proceed with the SEO optimization of websites. Let's look at the things to take into account as of 2018.

Elements to be considered from 2018 in the SEO optimization strategies of websites
Link, Link, Link Needless to hide, the weight of links is always one of the key elements for acquiring positions on Google. On this point, we have already debated so much but it is worth remembering.SEO SMO SEO Tips SEO Updates  SEO Ranking

The best strategy is to look for links from sites that deal with topics in the topic with ours. It does not matter if they are sites with great trust or not. Just be relevant to your industry and be "healthy".

It is also important to field a diversified strategy including links with different types of anchors:
  • brand
  • domain name
  • URL
  • exact match keys
  • general-purpose keys
  • link nofollow
  • citations of the brand
  • citations and links from social networks

Talking about citations, search engines are always better at recognizing them and finding the link with the sites that benefit from them. Already in 2016, Duane Forrester said that Bing understood how to associate citations without links, while Rand Fishkin, founder of Moz,
already in 2014, he stated that even Google had found a way to do it by baptizing this type of mentions as "implicit links".SEO SMO SEO Tips SEO Updates  SEO Ranking

It is one of the factors determined for the success of an SEO project. If the contents are of quality they are read, the time spent on the site increases, they are linked and cited.
Which translated means that they acquire trust in the site.

I still remember the moment when my blog took off when I began to write consistently quality content, for which I also used up to 8 hours of work for their editing. The blog started to have more visits, the first spontaneous links appeared and suddenly,
any article I wrote, was immediately positioned between the first and second page.
Miracle? No. Only a lot of work done with a conscience with the intent to suggest concrete solutions to problems with SEO and WordPress. Solutions that I myself had tried to solve my problems.SEO SMO SEO Tips SEO Updates  SEO Ranking

Freshness of Contents
Frequently publishing and updating old articles are very important signals for search engines. I found this thing in person, even on this blog. At times when a publication is more frequent the trend, both in the search rankings and in the number of visitors is increasing. If you are soft, SEO SMO SEO Tips SEO Updates  SEO Ranking
after a short period the reverse process takes place. On the other hand is not that other bloggers are watching. If they produce quality content more often than you, it's normal for Google to reward them.
In fact, Google's algorithms tend to always reward the contents that are more up-to-date than their relevance to the research carried out.
Moz himself, on a publication dated June 28th of last year, states after some tests that Google assigns to each new page a "freshness" score and that this decreases as time passes.
Strategically, you can update the old contents with new elements and go to change the publication date replacing the old one with the current one. Obviously, it is, that for authoritative pages with valuable contents, the freshness discourse takes second place and to overcome them it will be necessary to produce something equally valid to which to acquire authority through links and quotations.

Voice Research
We need to pay close attention to the future that will be done (and in part already is) of vocal searches. These come and will be done through voice assistants such as Siri, Cortana, the vocal search for Android. At that point, the research will be expressed in natural language and not through an ungrammatical sequence of keywords.
For example,
if today to do a search on Google we can write in the box "optimization SEO site web", tomorrow, turning to Cortana, the same research can be carried out by asking "Search for advice on optimizing SEO for websites". And to this we must prepare ourselves, possibly anticipating the times. 

The various titles.
URL and on-site optimization of texts will have to be written in a natural language without forcing, trying to intercept these more complex questions. SEO SMO SEO Tips SEO Updates  SEO Ranking
There is an algorithm that deals with learning the ways of saying and expressing itself that for some time has been accumulating data and tries to give relevant answers to this type of question: it is Rank Brain. This algorithm will be increasingly important and will increasingly affect the search results.

User Experience

The user experience (User Experience - UX) is and will become, increasingly important for SEO. Building your own website thinking about optimizing the browsing experience of users is something to do absolutely,
right now.

We need to think about sites whose navigation is clear and pleasant, sites where the user can easily find the things they need: a phone number, an email, a deepening and other useful things.

Among the useful things, there is also an internal search engine that helps the user to find the desired topic.SEO SMO SEO Tips SEO Updates  SEO Ranking

Other factors to consider are page load speed, optimization for mobile devices and security in transactions thanks to https. Google Mobile-First index Now it's a certainty: Google's index will be determined by how mobile websites are. The index will be Mobile-First, in fact.

In addition to all ranking factors, the same quality will reward sites that allow the best browsing experience on mobile devices. Website optimization, combined with voice search, is already the field where matches are decided on positioning in search engines. And in the future, it will be even more.

In your SEO strategy, from 2018 (and for a while 'time), combined links, content, optimization sites for mobile and voice search. They will be the ingredients of a winning tactic.

I do not put AMP in this special recipe, but if your blog does not want to know how to improve the speed of loading pages, before doing it again. you could try to see how it is implemented.

Local SEO and speaking of the user experience, I would like to underline the importance of Local SEO. 
Optimizing the on site and off site aspects of the business sites that operate in the area where they reside, for local SEO has been a priority for some time.

In fact, the results of are not the same in all areas of Italy. Once you've found the location you're searching for, Google offers personalized results. Being visible in the Google ranking in the area where you work is essential for a local company to be found and increase the volume of your business.

Factors On Page
Despite the evolution of SEO, it is always very important to optimize your website (Seo On Page) for search engines.
The optimization of the titles of pages, URLs, texts and various header tags, in relation to users' search intentions, is the basis for a successful SEO strategy.
So choose your search keys well and optimize the titles, the URLs, the header tags and the meta description making sure that they appear. Write texts in a natural way by answering questions that users may ask (consider voice search in this).
Enter a unique title and meta description for each site page (do not create duplicate titles).
Use structured data ( markup) to ensure that Google understands and catalogs the pages of your site correctly in its index.SEO SMO SEO Tips SEO Updates  SEO Ranking
Here my very personal guide to 2018 ends here.
I hope I have provided useful food for thought on the subject. The fact remains that if we are committed to producing quality content, everything else comes by itself. Google is always better to recognize them and to give them the positions in the standings that deserve, or rather, to give him the right traffic for what they are worth.


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