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Saturday, 26 May 2018

The Quickest & Easiest Way To Growing Your Affiliate SEO Website Portfolio

The Quickest & Easiest Way To Growing Your Affiliate SEO 

Website Portfolio


Hey guys a cement dignity I like to talk to you about scalability when it applies to affiliate SEO now most people when they think about the silliness you on how to scale is basically instead of creating one website you would create more than one SEO SMO SEO Tips SEO Updates  SEO Ranking website now that's all fine and dandy we could all agree that having more than one website is going to make us more money but obviously it's not that easy each website that you build cost money to rank it also cost your time it also cost your team resources in order to get content written links build and all that so it makes sense to think about it strategically how you're going to scale up now the person I've been taking for the past year basically allows you to only build links and only focus on content only focus on the sides in general when they're ready to see it and that's what I'm gonna be sharing with you right now no let's back up a little bit there's basically two different milestones in a websites lifetime that it's good well let's let's back up again a healthy websites lifetime that it's going to see the first one that you know about is the milestone passing from a born news site into getting out of the sandbox and big starting to actually get ranking SEO SMO SEO Tips SEO Updates  SEO Ranking so this is something you're probably very familiar with in this point in time before a site is out of the sand box you're not really going to go that fast on link building just how the link strip out very very slow and slow and steady wins the race in this point in time know after you get out of the sandbox that's when you can start linking a little bit faster if that's when I start point on heavy white hat out reach and start getting those links point in because that's when the links actually matter and that's when you'll start to see movement but at this whole point in time does let's say from the beginning of the website all the way to even when I'm out of the sandbox I'm not going that to have young content because the site hasn't hit the second milestone.
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Which is what we're going to discuss now when it starts to become an authority so that it you, probably recognize this too was some your great sites eventually if the site's doing good it'll just begin to rank its new content for pretty much anything so you put up an original post on this further review of a ping pong table when your websites about being taught pong table reviews me put up an initial post about a new one and it just shoots up to page one like the top of page one automatically without any backlinks so that's when it hit the thorny mode so what I like to do is I don't start building out pages like crazy until I had authority mode and then once that happens SEO SMO SEO Tips SEO Updates  SEO Ranking I go all in on that website I put all my other projects aside and I just started focusing super hard on this site because it's ready for it it's responding to links correctly is responding to new content it's time to go all in on that one so just to summarize everything that I like to do is all build a whole bunch of affiliate websites and then I'll just monitor them very minimally just a little bit of a bit of bit of backlinks until they get all that sand box and then after that I started my back thinking a little bit more but I still aren't all in on this website until his other thorny mode, and then when that happens I go all in and as a result of this pretty much I'm always dealing with at least one website that is really really moving up in the rankings and what that allows me to do is focus my time and my resources, and my links on sites that are ready to see it that can actually benefit from that growth and as a result the skill building is much much more efficient.


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